Imperial College Department of Physics 13th November 2019 (start 09:30 finish 18:00), Lecture Theatre 2 in the Blackett Building

Invited talks (30 minutes) will include:
James Cryan (SLAC, USA) - “Attosecond science with X-ray FELs”
Rebecca Boll (EuroXFEL, Germany) – “Interactions of matter with intense X-ray pulses””
Joachim von Zanthier (Erlangen, Germany) - “Quantum imaging with incoherently scattered X-rays”
Nina Rohringer (U. Hamburg, Germany) – “X-ray Raman & XFEL pumped lasers”
Gianluca Gregori (Oxford, UK) – “QED with high intensity fields”
Mattias Marklund (Chalmers, Sweden) - “Non-linear physics with X-rays”
Phil Bucksbaum (Stanford, USA) - “What can we learn from X-ray diffraction” 
Abbas Ourmazd (Michigan, USA) – “Dynamics from Random Observations"
Shaul Mukamel (UC, Irvine, USA) – “X-ray multidimensional spectroscopy and diffraction” *
* will be given remotely
Short contributed talks (10 minutes) will include:
Jason Greenwood (QUB, Belfast) - “Using chiral light pulses to probe ultrafast molecular dynamics”
Marco Ruberti (Imperial, London) - “Coherence in photoionisation”
Amelle Zair (Kings, London)  - “HHG attosecond sources
Adam Kirrander (Edinburgh) - Ultrafast scattering – beyond structural dynamics
Leszek Frasinski (Imperial, London) - “Covariance mapping of molecular fragmentation induced by XFEL pulses
Emma Springate (CLF, Harwell) - “HHG SXR applications”
Steve Rose (Imperial, London) - “Some thoughts on XFELS and high energy density physics”
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