Your accommodation needs will depend on when your UROP takes place, and may require one or more solution.

We hope that the following will help you:

Summer accommodation

Before applying for College student summer accommodation a UROP participant must possess a CID number (see here).

However, accommodation is not guaranteed for any UROP participant

Please note the following important information:

  • Student summer accommodation in a College hall of residence normally covers the period July to mid-September but due to any recurring circumstances with Covid-19 these dates of availability are open to change. Check the above weblink for updates. Please note that you cannot apply for student summer accommodation until an application link appears on the aforementioned webpage.

What follows is an overview of what normally happens!

  • There is normally one application procedure for student summer accommodation in Imperial College halls of residence (covers Imperial College undergraduates and, normally, but subject to change, students of undergraduate standing from other universities undertaking UROP).
  • Rooms may be available (subject to availability). You are advised to apply at the earliest possible opportunity. An application deadline may apply (check the above webpage).
  • UROP participants, as with Imperial College undergraduates generally, are normally charged competitive rates for student summer accommodation (in comparison to commercial customers). Normally, the longer the occupancy the better the rate. Twin and single rooms are normally available (ensuite and non-ensuite) although this is not guaranteed.  The halls of residences used in any one summer may not be within walking distance of the South Kensington Campus so you may need to budget for travel costs to and from the campus you are hosted at. This information is subject to change.

Private Sector Accommodation

For students NEW to Imperial College: You are strongly advised, once you have a College login/password, to review the private housing information on the Imperial College Student Accommodation Office website before commencing your search. The UROP scheme suggests that you organise temporary accommodation for the first few days of your stay in London, and to look for accommodation in person (with a friend or colleague) once you are in London. We suggest that you speak to your supervisor about any need on your part to spend some time at the start of the UROP looking for suitable accommodation.