We prepare 14 commercial screens in 96-well plates, ready for use with the Mosquito crystallization robot.  In addition, we also create optimization screens based on the four-corners strategy and provide Hampton's additive screen in 110 µl aliquots.

JBS Cryo (ICL11) has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  We have replaced it with a similar screen, Wizard Cryo by Rigaku Reagents (ICL15).  If you really, really need JBS Cryo (or any other custom screen), Molecular Dimensions will prepare any 96x 10 ml custom kit for £400 + £15 delivery. Lead time is ~5 working days from receipt of PO. Contact Jeanette Hobbs if interested.

Commercial Crystallisation Screens

Plate IDName + CompositionCompany
ICL0* Structure Screens 1 and 2 Molecular Dimensions
ICL2 Wizard 1 and 2 Rigaku Reagents/Molecular Dimensions
ICL3N** PEG/Ion 1 and 2  Hampton Research
ICL4 Index Hampton Research
ICL5 SaltRx 1 and 2 Hampton Research
ICL6 MemStart + MemSys Molecular Dimensions
ICL7 PACT premier Molecular Dimensions
ICL8 JCSG+ Molecular Dimensions
ICL9 MemGold Molecular Dimensions
ICL10N** Wizard 3 and 4 Rigaku Reagents/Molecular Dimensions
ICL12 Proplex Molecular Dimensions
ICL13 Morpheus Molecular Dimensions
ICL14 PGA screen Molecular Dimensions
ICL15 Wizard Cryo Rigaku Reagents/Molecular Dimensions
ICL16** Natrix 1 and 2 Hampton Research
ICL17 BCS screen Molecular Dimensions
ICL18 MemGold2 Molecular Dimensions
ICL19 MemMeso Molecular Dimensions
ICL20 MemTrans Molecular Dimensions
ICL21 MemChannel Molecular Dimensions
Detergent Screen Detergent Screen Hampton Research

A list of all screen compositions can be found in the binder next to the Mosquito.  MIDAS is available from 13 Nov 2014 while supplies last.  Order an empty MRC plate on Sharepoint and notify the facility manager that you'd like to have a MIDAS screen.

*  December 2015: ICL0 from Molecular Dimensions has replaced ICL1 (Crystal Screens 1 & 2 from Hampton Research).  These screens are identical with the exception of 5 conditions (highlighted in the binder)

** April 2016: ICL3N, ICL10N and ICL16 replace old ICL3 and ICL10 screens.

Overlap among screens

There's a high degree of redundancy among the screens available in the facility.  Some screens were designed based on the same principles and crystallization data, while others are explicitly based on earlier screens.

  • ICL7 – PACT builds upon PEG/ion (ICL3a, ICL10b), comprising a 24-solution PEG/pH screen covering the range 4 to 9, a 24-solution cation/PEG screen and a 48-solution anion/PEG screen.
  • ICL8 – The JCSG+ screen takes the 66 best solutions identified by the Joint Center for Structural Genomics and adds 30 conditions from Index (ICL4) to maximize chemical and pH diversity.

Charging structure

We operate on a cost recovery basis (charges for Imperial users).  The prices charged for the plates include the use of the Mosquito.  Detergent, Additive screens and preparation of a four-corners optimization screens cost extra.  We are happy to provide plates to external users.  Please contact the facility manager for details.