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AB - For a nite groupG, acharacter ratiois a complex number of the form (x) (1),wherex2Gand is an irreducible character ofG. Upper bounds for absolutevalues of character ratios, particularly for simple groups, have long been of interest,for various reasons; these include applications to covering numbers, mixing timesof random walks, and the study of word maps. In this article we shall survey someresults on character ratios for nite groups of Lie type, and their applications.Character ratios for alternating and symmetric groups have been studied in greatdepth also { see for example [32, 33] { culminating in the de nitive results andapplications to be found in [20]; but we shall not discuss these here.It is not hard to see the connections between character ratios and group struc-ture. Here are three well known, elementary results illustrating these connections.The rst two go back to Frobenius. Denote by Irr(G) the set of irreducible charac-ters ofG.
AU - Liebeck,MW
DO - conm/694
PY - 2017///
SN - 0271-4132
TI - Character ratios for finite groups of Lie type, and applications
T2 - Contemporary Mathematics
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