An Imperial education should optimally prepare our students for their future careers. As active contributors to our collaborative, inclusive and diverse academic community, Imperial students will gain skills that prepare them to tackle the most complex global problems.

Our aim for our graduates is that they will:

  • Demonstrate deep conceptual understanding of their chosen discipline,
  • Utilise exacting technical, digital and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills,
  • Work effectively in multi-cultural, international teams and across disciplinary boundaries,
  • Approach challenges with curiosity, flexibility, critical thinking, and creativity,
  • Innovatively apply their skills to tackling complex real-world problems,
  • Understand and value different cultures and perspectives, communicating across cultural and societal boundaries,
  • Have developed into independent learners with high self-efficacy and emotional resilience
  • Display a strong sense of personal and professional identity.

Imperial will continue to offer all its students a world-leading, rigorous, evidence-based, modern educational experience embedded in a vibrant research environment.

Imperial College London aims to be:

  • Recognised as globally outstanding in science, engineering, medicine and business education,
  • Acknowledged as a leader in technology-enhanced, innovative higher education practice,
  • Known for combining evidence-based teaching with a strong focus on community building, working with students as partners, focusing on global challenges and teaching students 21st century skills,
  • Renowned for applying the evidential rigour of our research to the evaluation and enhancement of our education practice,
  • Sought out by the world’s leading educators as a source of inspiration, aspiration and collaboration.
  • Our intentions for a world-class educational experience remain as being research-based, student-centred, evidence-based, inclusive and diverse, outward-looking, and technologically enhanced.