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Toolkit and resources for probation, promotion, and progress

An introduction to the resources in the Academic's Success Guide and how to explore it.


In this resource we have put together a collection of materials designed to support you in the various elements of establishing your career as a newly appointed lecturer and leading your first research group. It is based on what we know others before you have found challenging and helpful. It is designed to be a first port of call to provide you with learning, advice and guidance tailored to your context, as well as linking directly to relevant information, services and support that the College provides.

It covers the following four themes:

This resource includes a variety of types of support including: 

  • Videos to help you to frame your responsibilities and learn how relevant theories and models can help you
  • Perspectives, advice and quotes from PIs and senior managers from academic departments and professional services around the College 
  • Theories, processes and models from a range of academic leadership and researcher careers professionals 
  • Links to local sources of support, policy and guidance from around the College 
  • Tip sheets, templates and worksheets to download and use in your day-to-day work 
  • Curated links and resources from a range of external sources to expand on each topic if you wish to learn more 

You can engage with the materials in a variety of ways: