As a newly appointed lecturer or new PI, you are stepping into a new phase of your career.  Managing the transition into leadership will require you to be more strategic and forward looking with your research and your own career.  This new phase of your career will be both joyful and challenging and you must take time out to reflect, learn and plan. 

You are likely to find that: 

  • there are more ‘opportunities’ than time
  • this phase commonly coincides with a time of change in personal circumstances and responsibilities and the need to work flexibly
  • you will be subject to rejections and unforeseen setbacks
  • your own inner critic will be very loud
  • sustaining your existing networks and developing new relationships and collaborations will be vital in your success

In this section we have a range of topics to support you in navigating this and becoming effective in managing yourself and your career, as well as that of others.