Welcome to the Imperial College Centre for Advanced Therapeutics

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Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) – such as a gene, cell or tissue-engineered therapeutic – are a rapidly evolving field and many have now reached clinical application.

The aim of the Centre is to increase the cohesion and critical mass of teams within the College to catalyse translation of promising new ATMP treatments.


Imperial College has already made major contributions in a wide range of key advanced therapeutic research areas including biomaterials, cardiology, haematology, neurology, respiratory, vaccines/ RNA therapeutics and vectorology.

Our aims


With our multi-faculty and cross-disciplinary approach, we will:

  • Increase communication and exchange of expertise between established Imperial advanced therapeutics PIs and their teams within the field
  • Identify and establish ATMP resources and core facilities that can increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Identify advanced therapeutics cross-faculty science and integrate this with unmet clinical need across the related NHS hospitals
  • Foster linkage between Imperial PIs and Industry including the development of spin-outs
  • Catalyse and coordinate the training of the next generation of Imperial investigators in advanced therapeutics
  • Provide a focus for Imperial ATMPs activities including a step-change in its visibility and influence
  • Establish an Imperial focus for patient/public involvement and outreach in the advanced therapeutics field

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