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NHIR experimental medicine quick links

An infrastructure that enables researchers to develop clinical applications from scientific breakthroughs

• List of NIHR Biomedical Research Centres
• List of NIHR Clinical Research Facilities
• List of Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres
• List of Translational Research Collaborations

 UKCRF network 

The UKCRF holds a database of available facilities/ specialties/ ATMP preparedness and accreditation and ongoing clinical trials (including ATMP-related activities) in CRFs around the country and they can provide information on a case-by-case request when contacted in this email address:

* Certain clinical trials will not be disclosed due to NDA agreements and UKCRF are reluctant in revealing information to commercial companies.

NIHR Study Support Service for the Life Sciences Industry

Identify UK sites for your study resource.

NIHR Study Support Service for the Life Sciences Industry

Expert advice and guidance on running your study in the UK resource.

Advanced Therapy Clinical Trials Toolbox

Information and guidelines to assist NHS Trusts, clinical leads, industry and academic partners to better understand the diverse and specialised processes involved in the set-up and operational delivery of Advanced Therapy trials and to streamline trial set-up across each NA-ATTC centre.

The toolbox includes Organograms, Costing Guidelines and Regulatory Information.

NIH clinical trials resource

Database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

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