SHARPy: Simulation of High-Aspect-Ratio aircraft and wind turbines in Python

SHARPy (we pronounce it SHARP-EYE, of course!) is an open-source nonlinear simulation and analysis package for coupled structural (flexible multibody) and aerodynamic modelling. We used it for coupled aeroelastic/flight dynamics analysis of low-speed very flexible aircraft and for dynamics of bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines. It also generates reduced-order models for control design and can be run as a simulator for feedback control testing. See document below for full features or the short description in JOSS.

Source code in github: stable release and beta version



Sample videos:


X-HALE in a lateral gust, from (Deskos, del Carre and Palacios, 2023)


Latest update: 12.09.2023