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AB - The concept that photosynthesis is a highly inefficient process in terms ofconversion of light energy into biomass is embedded in the literature. It isonly in the past decade that the processes limiting photosynthetic efficiencyhave been understood to an extent that allows a step change in our ability tomanipulate light energy assimilation into carbon gain. We can thereforeenvisage that future increases in the grain yield potential of our majorcrops may depend largely on increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis.The papers in this issue provide new insights into the nature of current limitationson photosynthesis and identify new targets that can be used for cropimprovement, together with information on the impacts of a changingenvironment on the productivity of photosynthesis on land and in ouroceans.This article is part of the themed issue ‘Enhancing photosynthesis in cropplants: targets for improvement’.
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