About the Project

About us

We are integrating digital twins into different artificial intelligence (AI) projects focused on wind, transport and utilities. 'Digital Twins' replicate and store data from live environments. This data will be used to optimise outputs in real-life scenarios. Improving the understanding in this field will help the UK use AI to achieve it's net zero aims.

Our work is supported by EPSRC grant 'Real-time Digital Optimisation And Decision Making For Energy And Transport Systems.'

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Research Themes

Artificial Intelligence

Developing virtual replicas (Digital Twins) of physical systems to safely optimise power output and usage.

Net Zero

Applying our AI technologies and framework to three test cases - wind farms, hydrogen energy and vehicle aerodynamics - to demonstrate their potential to help achieve carbon net zero.


Translating our research into effective evidence which policy makers can use to work towards a net zero society.