The MSc Environmental Technology combines the natural and social sciences in a truly interdisciplinary manner, providing a foundation for graduates to demonstrate their ability to identify and resolve environmental and sustainability issues in a holistic way. This broad training is followed by an in-depth education in many specialised areas, maintaining the course's interdisciplinary nature. The specialist options in the second term are designed to cater for a variety of individual interests and career requirements.

The Water Management Option was one of the original options of our MSc Environmental Technology course first offered in 1977, and remains at the cutting edge today, with research into the balance between water treatment, energy use, climate change and legislation being the focus of intense interest. The aim of the option is to produce graduates who understand the challenges posed by water supply and meet the demand profile of organisations concerned with the water environment and water technology. These include water companies, regulators, consultancies and research organisations. Major changes in these organisations mean there is an increasing emphasis on management, as well as the traditional emphasis of a broad foundation in the basic concepts of water technology and the water environment. 

Anglian Water provides various specialist lectures for our students, enabling them to learn from practitioners about management, funding and problems facing water companies. Two extended consultancy-style projects are run, one in conjunction with Anglian Water. To find out about further opportunities to study with Anglian Water in association with the MSc Environmental Technology course, please click here.