Microstructures Optical Fibres (MOFs)

Two members of the ACCA group at Imperial, Darren Crowdy and Peter Buchak, are involved in a collaborative project with the University of Adelaide on "microstructured optical fibres" [supported by a Leverhulme Trust Research Grant]. It turns out that complex analysis has a pivotal role to play in the mathematical modelling of this new breed of technologically important fibres.


Darren is also co-supervising (with Yvonne Stokes) Hayden Tronnolone, a PhD student at Adelaide. He has put together a great website - including a quiz! - surveying our modelling work on MOFs.


Shape Analysis

Darren Crowdy and Everett Kropf are investigating so-called "shape fingerprints", an interesting application of conformal geometry for shape analysis. More details here.