The ACCA-UK network

The ACCA-UK network was instituted in December 2013 and currently comprises a consortium of five UK universities with local group leaders:

  • Prof. Peter Clarkson, University of Kent
  • Prof. Darren Crowdy, Imperial College London, ACCA-Imperial
  • Prof. Athanassios S. Fokas, University of Cambridge
  • Prof. Robb McDonald, University College London, ACCA-UCL
  • Prof. Beatrice Pelloni, University of Reading, ACCA-Reading

The mission of the network is to foster a collaborative environment for intradisciplinary research challenges involving any and all aspects of applied complex analysis, including numerical methods and computational schemes based on complex analysis and conformal geometry. The range of interests of the members spans the physical sciences (fluid mechanics, solid mechanics) and mathematical physics, through to more mathematical topics such as function and operator theory, random matrix theory, spectral analysis and integrable systems.

The network holds regular dedicated workshops on special topics, organizes minisymposia at larger general meetings/conferences, as well as "Student Chapter Meetings" where PhD students and Post-Docs convene to discuss current projects and share ideas.

The ACCA-JP network

ACCA Japan

A sister ACCA network, called ACCA-JP, has been set up in Japan, led by Prof. Takashi Sakajo at Kyoto University.



The ACCA-BR network

More recently, another ACCA network, called ACCA-BR, has been set up in Brazil, let by Prof. Giovani Vasconcelos at Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife.