Barclay Lab Group We are a friendly group of molecular virologists and evolutionary biologists aiming to enhance understanding of how influenza virus works. Besides the yearly burden of seasonal human-adapted influenza, the real danger comes from the zoonotic spillover of avian influenza strains. These pandemic viruses, which appear every few decades in various parts of the world, have the potential to kill millions.

We study the evolutionary dynamics and host range of influenza viruses, and how they adapt to replication in humans. An important part of our work revolves around the interactions of the virus with host factors such as ANP32A. We have expertise in both virological and molecular methods and do our assays in vitro as well as in vivo. Our vision is a world with fewer flu deaths, especially children.

Towards this aim, we are heavily involved in outreach programmes and we take pride in communicating our science to the public.

A principal value in the lab is collaboration – we are aware of what everyone is currently working on and where the problems lie – and we will help each other wherever we can. Weekly lab meetings help us keep track of each other’s projects and are great brainstorming opportunities.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.