Advancing personalised healthcare for cardiovascular disease through convergent science

The BHF Imperial Centre is structured around four main themes: population health, cardiac and vascular science, and remote personal monitoring. Established in 2008, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Centre for Research Excellence at Imperial is currently led by Professor Martin Wilkins. Recently, it has been granted renewed funding by the BHF, receiving the maximum award of £5 million for an additional five years until 2029. This renewal is under the co-directorship of Professor Costanza Emanueli and Professor Manuel Mayr.

The underlying strategy is to promote and nurture collaboration across Imperial College and its partner NHS Trusts to enhance our understanding of the heterogeneity in cardiovascular disease. Drawing on the internationally recognised strengths of Imperial as a specialised university in science, technology, and medicine, the centre is dedicated to developing practical solutions to address the challenges of cardiovascular health.