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4-year MRes/PhD studentships within the BHF Doctoral Training Programme

    The studentship programme for the October 2024 intake is now closed. Future studentship opportunities will be advertised on this page when available.

    BHF 4-yr MRes/PhD Studentships

    The BHF-Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) at National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) has been extremely successful and is now on its 5th Scheme. The Programme is led by Professor Jane Mitchell, Professor Allan Lawrie, Professor Peter Weinberg and a committee of Principal Investigators (PIs) as well as being supported by the BHF Centre Manager, Mrs Jaya Rajamanie.

    The majority of the committee are current BHF Programme/Chair holders and/or have a track-record of major BHF or UKRI support. Professor Mitchell has an outstanding, award-winning background in Postgraduate Studies and has been Director for Postgraduate Studies (DPS) at NHLI. Professor Mitchell heads NHLI’s Cardiovascular Division. Professor Weinberg (Faculty of Engineering) brings supervisory experience from the cross-disciplinary PhD scheme embedded within the BHF Centres of Excellence from 2008-2018.

    The programme retains the best elements of our current BHF-DTP and benefits from a number of significant new innovations around multidisciplinary project selection and student supervision/experience. The programme includes projects that addresses only the timeliest of research questions and only those with strong translational potential. Projects will be selected across all cardiovascular areas and embrace the partnering of crosscutting technologies and approaches, including Bioengineering, Chemistry and Data Sciences. This together with our core elements will equip our students with a world-class training in research and a breadth of transferable skills.




    Benefits of the programme

    In taking advantage of all areas of science and technology, this programme benefits Imperial by providing a dynamic platform for translation of research and innovation generated within the University. Additional benefits include provision of highly prestigious, well-funded PhD packages attracting the brightest of students, with realistic consumable budgets allowing for achievable and novel research outcomes. Finally, the programme benefits Imperial because it will operate within a framework of best practice in postgraduate teaching: where innovations in cohort building and research culture are established and  shared, with other DTPs within the College.

    Our programme benefits the BHF because it will align directly to their mission statement by focusing projects on current, pioneering, and translatable research programmes with interdisciplinary approaches. The programme will also build capacity within other major BHF investments within NHLI and deliver new insights, treatments, therapeutic targets and/or devices for the benefit of those with cardiovascular disease.



    Supervisors will come together from different groups/disciplines to form, applications judged according to criterial in line with the BHF’s mission statement. Top scoring projects will be awarded. 

    Click here to see a list of current BHF approved list of supervisors



    The studentship programme for the October 2023 intake is now closed. The next set of projects will be advertised in February/March 2024. A breath of projects currently being offered through the Programme:


    Therapeutic potential of targeting the Rgl1 pathway, a novel transducer of vascular inflammation and atherogenesis - supervised by Dr Nick Kirkby, Professor Jane Mitchell

    Synthesis and Efficacy of a New Class of Hydrophobic Haemostatic Medical Devices - supervised by Dr Choon H Yap, Dr Mike Emerson


    Minimally invasive delivery of cardiac cells via heart-adhesive and injectable shape-memory patches – supervised by Professor Molly Stevens & Professor Cesare Terracciano

    Investigation of the role of alterations in zinc homeostasis in the pathogenesis and treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension – supervised by Professor Lan Zhao, Professor Julia Gorelik and Professor Martin Wilkins

    Investigating blood brain vascular dysfunction in dementia - supervised by Dr Dave Carling & Dr William Scott

    Development and optimization of 3D SRUS for myocardial imaging through the development of non-rigid registration, localization and tracking techniques - Professor Mengxing Tang & Professor Fu Siong Ng 


    BHF Student Annual Symposium

    Students in their MRes/First year of the programme organize the annual symposium and usually tend to attract exceptionally good speakers covering timely and current topics. In 2022, the student’s symposium title was ‘MiS(S)DIAGNOSED - Why Sex Matters in Cardiovascular Diseases, 27 September 2022’.

    This year, the title of the Symposium is: HEART OF ETHICS - Tracing Cardiovascular Ethics through Time and Innovation. This will take place on Thursday 28 September 2023, 15:00. There will be some exciting talks followed by refreshments & canapés and a chance to meet our students. If you would like to attend then please register on Eventbrite.



    BHF Imperial Fundraising Group – is an active student group led by Anies Makdohmi-Sohi, who have arranged some highly successful activities to fundraise for the BHF. Read more about their current activities.

    Making Waves - Making waves is an initiative from the NHLI to highlight female students/staff for their work. Maike Haensel (one of our BHF 4-year student, Intake 2020) was selected for her podcast (The Elevat(Her) Podcast), which she co-hosted with her colleague Salina Nicoleau. This is the website, which was created: