Researchers from the Centre have attended several international conferences this year and delivered papers.


February 2016 - Advanced Technologies and Therapeutics for Diabetes conference

DiabetesConferenceOur latest clinical trial results on our advanced bolus calculator for diabetes (ABC4D) was presented by Dr. Monika Reddy at the Advanced Technologies and Therapeutics for Diabetes conference in Milan, Italy



October 2015 - IEEE Biomedical Circuits and System (BioCAS) conference

The BioCAS conference held in Lausanne, Switzerland in November 2015 was attended by Nicoletta Nicolaou,Mohamed El sharkawy, Peter Pesl, Tim Constandiniu, Onur Guven, Pantelis Georgiou and Sara Ghoreishizadeh.








March 2015 - Brain forum

The Brain Forum 2015 (March 30 – April 1) took place at Swisstech Convention Centre in Lausanne. From neurodegBrain Forumeneration and neuroprosthesis to founding and ethics, different topics of interest for the neuroscientific area were explored. Over 1000 people from different backgrounds participated to the Forum, creating an extremely stimulating environment.

Chris Toumazou was invited to give a talk in the session “Emerging tools for neurotechnology” and Tim Constandinou, Lieuwe Leene, Francesca Troiani and Belinda Nedjai attended the event.




June 2015 - IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and system (ISCAS):

ISCAS2The ISCAS Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal in June 2015 was attended by Adrien Rapeaux, Nicholaos Miscourides, Lieuwe Leene, Dorian Haci, Pantelis Georgiou, Tim Constandinou, Tor Sverre Lande, Nicolas Moser, Irina Spulber and Konstantin Nikolic.   


June 2015 - Gabor lecture

This year Gabor lecture was deleivered by the Centre’s director, Regius Professor Chris Toumazouwith the title “U+ life: the era of microchip Medicine”.

The Gabor lecture is named after Denis Gabor, an Imperial electrical engineer who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971 for his invention of holography, a system of lens-less, three-dimensional photography.

Professor Toumazou praised the Nobel laureate’s legacy, which influences his own work, particularly the way that 'Gabor saw the link between life science and engineering'.

Professor Toumazou acknowledged the contributions of Imperial alumnus Professor Winston Wong in driving forward the College’s position at the forefront of biomedical engineering. In 2009, Professor Wong, a renowned Taiwanese businessman, funded the creation of the Winston Wong Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, which is directed by Professor Toumazou.
Others distinguished guests at the event included the Duke of York, former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, McLaren F1 founder Ron Dennis, and Duran Duran star Nick Rhodes.

Photo of Gabor lecture


May 2015 - Dr Pantelis Georgiou promoted to Senior Lecturer

The Director of Metabolic Technology in the Centre has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Pantelis originally joined the department as an undergraduate student in 2000. After completing his PhD in 2008, he then moved to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and in 2009 he was appointed as a research fellow with a focus in diabetes technology. In 2010, he became director of metabolic technology within the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology and then re-joined the EEE Department as academic faculty in 2011, as a Lecturer in the Circuits & Systems Research group. He continues to maintain his role in the Centre and also leads the research theme in Metabolic Technology.

March 2015 - You Have Been Upgraded

The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology was invited to contribute to “You Have Been Upgraded” festival at Science Museum that ran from 25th to 29th March 2015. Bringing together over more than 50 scientists, engineers ethicists and artists; the festival showcased an expo of human enhancement centred on a theatrical experience that aimed to provoke ethical considerations of human enhancement, as well as informing the public of current state of the technology and science.

Photo of You have been upgraded Two groups presented their work on technologies for the restoration and enhancement of human sensory function then spent the sessions answering questions from attendees, demonstrating their research and discussing future directions of the technology. Dr. Timothy G. Constandinou, Dr. Ian Williams and Deren Barsakcioglu, presented their work on neural recording for improving prosthetic limbs with proprioceptive feedback while Dr. Konstantin Nikolic, Dr. Benjamin Evans and Nora Gaspar exhibited a prototype bio-inspired retinal prostheses for restoring vision. The work was greeted by the public with almost as much enthusiasm as for Deren and Ian’s dramatic performance!


Dr Timothy Constandinou awarded EPSRC Early Career Fellowship

The Deputy Director of the Centre has been awarded the five-year fellowship of  £1.054M from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

This award will provide Tim the opportunity to dedicate himself to his research hands-on and take the driving seat to lead this forward. The extra resources and flexibility will allow his team to grow and consolidate capability to pursue a very exciting and ambitious vision.

Tim and his team will investigate 3 key themes aligned to the grand challenges that neural implant technology currently faces. They will develop chip-scale (millimetre sized) implantable devices that are fully autonomous, distributed and highly scalable. The research outcomes will directly feed into ongoing research and applications in brain machine interfaces within the experimental neuroscience community. This Fellowship will also enable us to work together with key partners in both the UK and US across the ICT, engineering and neuroscience communities.

The Fellowship formally started on 1st August 2015.

November 2014

Society for Neuroscience Conference, November 2014, Washington DC.

Konstantin Nikolic and Benjamin Evans attended (total number of attendees was close to 30,000). A poster presentation: “Multiscale computational tools for optogenetics” very well received.


October 2014

Both the bio-inspirPhoto of Conferenceed artificial pancreas and advanced bolus calculator for diabetes were showcased in the live demonstrations session at the IEEE  BioCAS 2014 conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, 22nd -24th October. The team demonstrated real-time glucose control using the bio-inspired artificial pancreas connected a virtual patient with live tele-monitoring capability back to the UK.