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AB - This paper reports on the implementation andcharacterisation of a thermally controlled device forin vitrobiomedical applications, based on standard Printed Circuit Board(PCB) technology. This is proposed as a low cost alternativeto state-of-the-art microfluidic devices and Lab-on-Chip (LoC)platforms, which we refer to as the thermal Lab-on-PCB concept.In total, six different prototype boards have been manufacturedto implement as many mini-hotplate arrays. 3D multiphysicssoftware simulations show the thermal response of the modelledmini-hotplate boards to electrical current stimulation, highlight-ing their versatile heating capability. A comparison with theresults obtained by the characterisation of the fabricated PCBsdemonstrates the dual temperature sensing/heating property ofthe mini-hotplate, exploitable in a larger range of temperaturewith respect to the typical operating range of LoC devices. Thethermal system is controllable by means of external off-the-shelfcircuitry designed and implemented on a single-channel controlboard prototype.
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