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AB - The dynamic brain networks forming during wakefulness and anesthetic-induced unconsciousness are investigated using time-delayed correlation and graph theoretical measures. Electrical brain activity (EEG) from 10 patients under propofol anesthesia during routine surgery is characterized using the shortest path length, λ, and clustering, c, extracted from time delayed correlation. An increase in λ and c during anesthesiareveals disruption of long-range connections and emergence of more localized neighborhoods. These changes were not a result of volume conduction, as were based on time-delayed correlation. Our observations are in line with theories of anesthetic action and support the use of graph theoretic measures to study emerging brain networks during wakefulness and anesthesia.
AU - Demarchou,E
AU - Georgiou,J
AU - Nicolaou,N
AU - Constandinou,TG
EP - 48
PY - 2014///
SP - 45
TI - Anesthetic-induced changes in EEG activity: a graph theoretical approach
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