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AB - Population behavior, like voting and vaccination, depends on the structure of social networks. This structure can differ depending on behavior type and is typically hidden. However, we do often have behavioral data, albeit only snapshots taken at one time point. We present a method jointly inferring a model for both network structure and human behavior using only snapshot population-level behavioral data. This exploits the simplicity of a few parameter model, geometric sociodemographic network model, and a spin-based model of behavior. We illustrate, for the European Union referendum and two London mayoral elections, how the model offers both prediction and the interpretation of the homophilic inclinations of the population. Beyond extracting behavior-specific network structure from behavioral datasets, our approach yields a framework linking inequalities and social preferences to behavioral outcomes. We illustrate potential network-sensitive policies: How changes to income inequality, social temperature, and homophilic preferences might have reduced polarization in a recent election.
AU - Godoy-Lorite,A
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