"The Centre chimes perfectly with the support the Legion gives to the whole serving community and we are therefore very proud to be supporting Imperial’s pioneering and world-class work in this field. We are making a long-term investment in the welfare of all who serve."

Chris Simpkins

Director General, The Royal British Legion.

Established in 2011 with funding from The Royal British Legion and Imperial College London as well as support in-kind from the Ministry of Defence, the Centre for Blast Injury Studies addresses the disabling injuries of conflict with a clinically-led approach. The Centre is comprised of the unique multidisciplinary collaborations of military medical officers and civilian engineers and scientists from around the world, all of whom are dedicated to investigating the difficult research issues surrounding blast injury.

Building on previous work by Imperial Blast Research Group, the aims of the Centre can be summarised as 1) improving the mitigation of injury through addressing specific clinical areas, and 2) increasing lifelong health and quality of life after blast injury by developing and advancing treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

Providing underpinning science and technology to develop and advance treatments that facilitate rehabilitation and recovery, the research within the Centre is clinically driven. Visit our Research webpage to learn more. You can also find out more about the Centre’s Clinical PrioritiesFacilitiesNetworks and Collaborations and Publications.

In addition, to further facilitate the improvement of the quality of life after blast injury, the Centre shares its developments and advancements through several different education initiatives. To learn more about how the Centre educates clinicians, engineers and the public on the issues surrounding blast and blast injury, visit our Education webpages. We in the Centre are committed to successfully answering real-world issues while in the pursuit of research excellence. 

Group photo of CBIS staff and students at 2016 team networking event.

Group photo of CBIS staff and students at 2017 team networking event