24 November 2015, Imperial College

The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies Annual Networking Event with Imperial College Trauma Initiative

The Centre for Blast Injury Studies (CBIS) Networking and Research Update Event 2015 was held on 24 November at Imperial College London.

The event was jointly hosted by the Trauma Initiative; a cross college programme between the South Kensington faculties of Engineering and Medicine and the Major Trauma Centre at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

Delegates joined us for an inspiring multidisciplinary programme of presentations covering the medical and technical aspects of military and civilian trauma care and research.

Programme, Royal School of Mines
10.30 Registration - Room 2.28
11.00 Welcome - Room 2.28
11.00 Welcome - Professor James Stirling, Provost, Imperial College London.
11.05 The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies - Professor Anthony Bull, Centre Director. 
11.15 The Imperial Trauma Initiative - Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy, Chief of Service (Plastics, Orthopaedics & Major Trauma Services), St Mary’s Major Trauma Centre London.
11.25 Session 1 - Room 2.28 (chaired by Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy)
11.25 REBOA...and the challenge of evaluating a haemorrhage control adjunct. Mr Jan Jansen, Consultant General/Trauma Surgeon & Intensivist, Aberdeen/London.
11.45 The ebb and flow of Deployed Surgical Capability. Implications for research. Surgeon Captain Rory Rickard, Defence Professor of Surgery, Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.
12.05 Building clinical research networks. Professor Matt Costa, Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma, University of Oxford.
12.25 Innovating at Pace: a Defence Medical Strategy - Surgeon Captain Sarah Stapley, Defence Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.
12.45 Panel Review (chaired by Prof Anthony Bull).
13.00 Lunch - Room 3.01 c&d
13.45 Session 2 - Room 2.28 (chaired by Prof Anthony Bull)
13.45 Discovery and translational research at the Centre for Trauma Sciences. Professor Karim Brohi, Professor of Trauma Sciences, Barts Health NHS Trust.
14.00 Mapping the blast pelvis - Squadron Leader Claire Webster, Vascular Surgeon/MDRes student, Centre for Blast Injury Studies.
14.15 Opportunities in Acute Neurotrauma Research - Mr Mark Wilson, Consultant Neurosurgeon & Pre Hospital Care Specialist, St. Mary’s Major Trauma Centre & London Air Ambulance.
14.30 Understanding mechanisms of brain injury using computational modelling. Dr Mazdak Ghajari, Lecturer, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London.
14.45 Mr Graham Lawton, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
15.00 From the battlefield to the high street: the biomechanics of major trauma. Dr Spyros Masouros, Lecturer of Trauma Biomechanics, Centre for Blast Injury Studies.
15.15 Closing Remarks - Professor Anthony Bull, Director, Centre for Blast Injury Studies.
15.20 Posters/Networking - Room 3.01 c&d
Wine reception
16.30 Close