Dr David Owen in the Brain BankThe mission of the Department of Brain Sciences is to develop and sustain a unique portfolio of translational research in neuroscience and mental health that is recognised internationally for scientific excellence, for leading innovation in patient care and for supporting the training of leaders for the next generation.  Underpinning this mission is a commitment to fostering the highest standards of scientific integrity and for maintaining a collegial, diverse and inclusive working environment.

The Department of Brain Sciences comprises the pioneering Centre for Psychedelic Research and Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, as well as leading the multidisciplinary UK Dementia Research Institute at Imperial and the UK DRI Care Research and Technology Centre at Imperial. In addition, it hosts the Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Tissue Bank, a national collection of central nervous system (CNS) tissue samples donated by individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease and related neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions.

We aim to nurture the next generation of scientists by training undergraduates and postgraduates and by creating a collaborative environment that supports the career development of young scientists. The Department offers a broad portfolio of study options, including the MRes Experimental Neuroscience and MSc Translational Neuroscience programmes, while welcoming applications from talented PhD candidates from around the world. 

The Department is led by Professor Paul Matthews, Edmond and Lily Safra Chair and Director of the UK Dementia Research Institute at Imperial.