Tony Goldstone

Conducting pioneering research for the effective prevention, assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders

The Division of Psychiatry’s mission is to conduct pioneering, innovative research that results in more effective prevention, assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders, particularly those linked with emotional dysregulation. The Division comprises of internationally leading researchers.

Research is conducted across the life-span using a breadth of approaches including neuroimaging (PET, MR), experimental medicine with behavioural and pharmacological challenges, epidemiology, genetics and clinical trials of newly developed and established psychological and pharmacological interventions using mixed methodology. Novel therapeutic applications of psychedelic drugs are being pioneered in the Centre for Psychedelic Research. In addition to its clinically trained staff (Psychiatry), a range of additional disciplines underpinning psychiatry and mental health are represented by the expertise of the Division’s non-clinical members.

Our academic members of staff are major contributors to the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes in Neuroscience and Mental Health at Imperial College London. The Division also is linked with two local psychiatric Trusts, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and West London Mental Health Trust for which clinical staff support care delivery, as well as leading in research.

Research areas and teams include:

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