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  • Journal article
    Cameron PA, Britovsek GJP, Gibson VC, Williams DJ, White AJPet al., 1998,

    Surprises in enolate binding at high valent molybdenum

    , Chemical Communications, Pages: 737-738, ISSN: 1359-7345
  • Patent
    Britovsek GJP, Dorer BA, Gibson VC, Kimberley BS, Solan GAet al., 1997,

    Polymerisation Catalysts

    , WO 99/12981
  • Journal article
    Britovsek GJP, Cavell KJ, Green MJ, Gerhards F, Skelton BW, White AHet al., 1997,

    Cationic methyl-palladium(II) complexes containing bidentate N-O and P-O ligands and a tridentate P-O-N ligand: synthesis, carbonylation and catalytic applications in the copolymerisation of carbon monoxide and ethene

    , Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Vol: 433, Pages: 201-212, ISSN: 0022-328X
  • Journal article
    Green MJ, Britovsek GJP, Cavell KJ, Skelton BW, White AHet al., 1996,

    Ethene insertion into a palladium-acetyl bond: Crystal structure of [Pd(CH<inf>2</inf>CH<inf>2</inf>COMe)(NC<inf>5</inf>H<inf>4</inf>CO <inf>2</inf>Me-2)(PPh<inf>3</inf>)]BF<inf>4</inf>, a novel reaction intermediate from the insertion process

    , Chemical Communications, Pages: 1563-1564, ISSN: 1359-7345

    From the catalytic conversion of CO and ethene to polyketone with [Pd(Me)(NC5H4CO2Me-2)- (PPh3)]BF4 1, the reaction of ethene with [Pd(COMe)(NC5H4CO2Me-2)-(PPh 3)]BF4 2 yields a rare example of an isolable product from the insertion of an unstrained alkene into a Pd-acyl bond, and the crystal structure of [Pd(CH2CH2COMe)-(NC5H4CO 2Me-2)(PPh3)]BF4 3 showing a novel square-pyramidal intermediate with a weakly interacting oxygen in the apical position.

  • Journal article
    Green MJ, Britovsek GJP, Cavell KJ, Skelton BW, White AHet al., 1996,

    Ethene Insertion into a Palladium-Acetyl Bond. Crystal Structure of [Pd(CH2CH2COMe)(N5H4CO2Me-2)PPh3]BF4, a Novel Reaction Intermediate from the Insertion Process

    , Chem. Commun., Pages: 1563-1564
  • Journal article
    Britovsek GJP, Cavell KJ, Keim W, 1996,

    Hemilabile ligands in palladium catalysed C-C likages: the effect of the donor atom in the codimerisation of styrene with ethylene

    , Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical, Vol: 110, Pages: 77-87, ISSN: 1381-1169
  • Journal article
    Britovsek GJP, Keim W, Mecking S, Sainz D, Wagner Tet al., 1993,

    Hemilabile P,O-Ligands in Palladium Catalysed C-C Linkages: Codimerization of Ethylene and Styrene and Cooligomerization of Ethylene and Carbon Monoxide

    , Chem. Commun., Pages: 1632-1634
  • Journal article
    van der Steen FH, Kleijn H, Britovsek GJP, Jastrzebski, JTBH, van Koten Get al., 1992,

    Enantioselective Synthesis of 3-Amino-2-azetidinones via the Ester Enolate-Imine Condensation

    , Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol: 57, Pages: 3906-3916
  • Patent
    Britovsek GJP, Jastrzebski, JTBH, Kleijn H, van Koten G, van der Steen FHet al., 1991,

    Synthesis of beta-lactams using a metal compound

    , EP 40426

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