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AB - The prodn. of ethanol based on lignocellulosic materials will bring about the coprodn. of significant amts. of under-utilized lignin. This study examines the potential of conventional heterogeneous and novel homogeneous catalysts for the selective cleavage of the aryl-O-aryl and aryl-O-aliph. linkages of ethanol organosolv lignin to convert it from a low grade fuel to potential fuel precursors or other value added chems. The development of hydrogenolysis conditions that effectively increase the soly. of lignin were initially examd. with Ru(Cl)2(PPh3)3 and demonstrated the ability to decrease the mol. wt. and enhance the soly. of the lignin polymer. Later studies examd. several heterogeneous and homogeneous hydrogenation catalysts at optimized reaction conditions resulting in 96.4% soly. with Ru(Cl)2(PPh3)3, increase in H/C ratio with Raney-Ni, Pt/C and extensive monomer formation with NaBH4/I2. The changes in mol. structure of lignin were followed by size exclusion chromatog., qual. and quant. NMR spectroscopy and elemental anal. These studies demonstrated that aryl-O-aryl and aryl-O-aliph. linkages could be cleaved and the hydrogenated lignin had a decrease in oxygen functionality and the formation of products with lower oxygen content. [on SciFinder(R)]
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