With established and rapidly evolving collaborations of clinical impact between Cardiovascular Science and various fields in Engineering at Imperial College London, we are now consolidating as a world-class Imperial Centre for Cardiac Engineering in 2018. The scientific focus is the exploitation of novel approaches drawn from Engineering and the Numerical Sciences both to quantitatively define the relationships between structure and function that underpin understanding of the multi-scale continuum from molecular basis to function and dysfunction of the intact cardiovascular system, and to apply these insights to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches based on biologically- and physically-engineered and numerically-based solutions.

Our aims

  • To consolidate and extend the existing highly successful, impactful and sustainable cross faculty collaborations between cardiovascular and numerical sciences, to attract external & international collaborations, and to disseminate profile and achievements through all available channels.
  • To continue to be goal, and intellectual property (IP), focussed on translation to clinical application, extending our existing and seeking new industrial partnerships in order to achieve this.
  • To provide the mechanism for integration of existing and newly-evolving groups in Cardiac Engineering for increasing coverage of cardiovascular health and disease.