Life-WorkWe hope the network will provide a supportive culture and a sense of cohesion and collaboration amongst staff who have caring responsibilities. The aims of the network are to:

  • Promote and establish a positive culture for working carers and parents
  • Create and develop a supportive environment where staff members can feel comfortable declaring their caring responsibilities to their line managers/departments and obtaining the appropriate support to achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • Support the introduction and improvement of College policies and provisions, ensuring that staff who are carers are catered for and considered
  • Appoint “champions” throughout the College to represent the network
  • Facilitate networking opportunities amongst staff both for personal and professional support
  • Promote campaigns with particular reference to national awareness such as the annual Carers Week.
  • Signpost staff members to the relevant support services in place; both internal and external
  • Provide a confidential point of contact for staff who have queries, wish to discuss concerns, or take part in network events.