[09/07/2018] Hannah talks at the Institute of Physics

Well done to Hannah Williams who was selected as one of four finalists for the Institute of Physics Jocelyn Bell Bunell Medal and Prize. Hannah talked about her research and her work in supporting and encouraging others in Physics. Read about the prize event here.


[29/06/2018] Congratulations Dr. Jarvis!

They are coming thick and fast. Congratulations to Kyle Jarvis for successfully defending his thesis on "The blue-detuned magneto-optical trap". Well done Kyle!


[28/06/2018] Congratulations Dr. Sabulsky!

Congratulations to Dylan Sabulsky for successfully defending his thesis on "Constraining theories of modi ed gravity with atom interferometry". Well done Dylan!


[15/06/2018] Congratulations Dr. Williams!

Congratulations to Hannah Williams for successfully defending her thesis on "Producing, trapping and controlling ultracold CaF molecules". Well done Hannah!


[17/05/2018] Noah Fitch is awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship!

Congratulations to Noah Fitch for being awarded a Royal Society URF. This is a brilliant achievement.


[29/01/2018] Jonas Rodewald is awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship!

Congratulations to Jonas Rodewald for being awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship. This is a great achievement.


[18/12/2017] Congratulations Dr. Marelic!

Congratulations to Jakov Marelic for successfully defending his thesis on "Bose-Einstein Condensation of Photons". Well done Jakov!


[28/09/2017] Congratulations Dr. Hambach!

Congratulations to Moritz Hambach for successfully definding his thesis on "Development of a magneto-optical trap for CaF molecules". Well done Moritz!


[28/08/2017] Nature Physics publication

Our paper on "Molecules cooled below the Doppler limit" has been published in Nature Physics today. You can read it online here. A popular science perspective of the research is also available in Science News.


[03/08/2017] Alex Clark receives URF!

Congratulations to Alex Clark who has been awarded a University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society! This is an amazing acheivement, well done!


[30/07/2017] CCM Poster Prize Success

Members of CCM have performed marvellously over the summer with several people winning poster prizes and various conferences. Congratulations to Izzie Rabey (Precision Measurement Summer School), Luke Caldwell (EGAS) and Kyle Jarvis who won prizes at both ICOLS and EGAS. Well done!


[24/07/2017] Congratulations Dr. Polisseni!

Congratulations to Claudio Polisseni for successfully defending his thesis on "Preparation and testing og organic dye molecules as single photon sources on a chip". Well done Claudio!


[22/06/2017] Congratulations Prof. Sauer

Congratulations to Ben on getting promoted to Professor! You can watch his inaugural lecture "Measuring the Shape of the Electron’" online here.


[01/05/2017] Bye bye Stefan

After 8 years in CCM we are very sadly saying goodbye to Stefan Truppe. He is off to start his own group at the Fritz-Harber Institute in Berlin! Good luck Stefan, we wish you all the best!


[26/04/2017] Congratulations Dr. Grandi!

Congratulations to Samuele Grandi on successfully defending his thesis on "Single quantum emitters: resonance fluorescence and emission enhancement". Well done Sam!


[21/03/2017] Hannah Williams wins Stevenson Fund Award

Congratulations to Hannah on winning a Stevenson Fund Award to undertake a research placement with Prof. Tanya Zelevinsky at Columbia University.

[21/03/2017] Congratulations Dr. Almond!

Congratulations to Dr. James Almond for successfully defending his thesis on "Laser cooling of YbF molecules for an improved measurement of the electron electric dipole moment". Well done James!

[02/02/2017] Hannah Williams wins Three Minute Thesis Physics Round!

Well done to Hannah who impressed the judges with her talk on cold molecules to win the physics round of the three minute thesis competition. She'll be competing in the Imperial-wide contest in April. Good Luck Hannah! You can watch her talk here


[21/12/2016] Nature Communications publication

Our paper on "Observing coherence effects in an overdamped quantum system" has been published in Nature Communications today. You can see it here.


[19/12/2016] Isabel Rabey wins Anne Thorne Thesis Prize

Izzie has won the Anne Thorne thesis prize. This prize is awarded for a PhD thesis in experimental physics concerned with the development and/or use of new experimental instrumentation or techniques. Well done Izzie!


[15/12/2016] Congratulations Dr. Rabey!

Congratulations to Dr. Isabel Rabey for successfully defending her thesis on "Improved shot noise limit of the YbF EDM experiment". Well done Izzie!


[05/12/2016] Congratulations Dr. Bumby!

Congratulations to Dr. James Bumby for successfully defending his thesis on "Progress towards a source of cold, slow molecules for tests of fundamental physics". Well done James!