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AB - To start DNA replication, the Origin Recognition Complex (ORC) and Cdc6 load a Mcm2-7 double hexamer onto DNA. Without ATP hydrolysis, ORC-Cdc6 recruits one Cdt1-bound Mcm2-7 hexamer, forming an ORC-Cdc6-Cdt1-Mcm2-7 (OCCM) helicase loading intermediate. Here we report a 3.9Å structure of the OCCM on DNA. Flexible Mcm2-7 winged-helix domains (WHD) engage ORC-Cdc6. A three-domain Cdt1 configuration embraces Mcm2, Mcm4, and Mcm6, nearly half of the hexamer. The Cdt1 C-terminal domain extends to the Mcm6 WHD, which binds Orc4 WHD. DNA passes through the ORC-Cdc6 and Mcm2-7 rings. Origin DNA interaction is mediated by an a-helix in Orc4 and positively charged loops in Orc2 and Cdc6. The Mcm2-7 C-tier AAA+ ring is topologically closed by a Mcm5 loop that embraces Mcm2, but the N-tier ring Mcm2-Mcm5 interface remains open. This structure suggests loading mechanics of the first Cdt1-bound Mcm2-7 hexamer by ORC-Cdc6.
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