Do you have an idea you'd like to develop?

The BOOST programme is an entrepreneurial mentoring scheme complete with a grant of up to £2000 for consumables.

Chemistry Students Labwork

Students Vanessa Ho and Aileen Cooney during their BOOST project; investigating reducing water content in detergents.

ICB CDT BOOST carbon fibre t-shirts visual

Shreyas Bhatt and Owen Griffiths BOOST project design. Concept design generated by Luisa Pires.

BOOST is designed to give ICB CDT students the chance to explore ideas that aren't related to their PhD. We encourage students to make an initial plan for 6 months, but this is flexible so as not to interfere with research. Students will take away a wide range of benefits including:

  • Experience with design and prototyping
  • Freedom to explore ideas
  • Support from a knowledge-aligned mentor
  • Practice communicating their idea
  • Get a kickstart to potentially build a commercial business or product
  • Learn if their idea is viable
  • Be connected to our extensive network

It is open to individuals or small teams who have an idea for a piece of tech or startup that they would like to develop further. It could be anything; from a first prototype, your proof of concept to a Minimum Viable Product. The programme is run in conjunction with the Advanced Hackspace where you will have access to build and develop your idea.