The ICB CDT hosts annual training in Policy and its importance to the research and wider scientific community, in collaboration with the Imperial Policy Forum. Imperial Policy Forum are a team based in the Presidents’ Office that support Imperial researchers to make connections with policymakers who can make use of their evidence and expertise. 

Policy engagement can be hugely rewarding for researchers, providing opportunities to have real-world impact and to shape future work across a broad range of sectors.

Our policy training takes the form of workshop events designed to build the confidence and capacity for researchers to identify and engage with policymakers, individual support for specific projects, and providing advice and assistance wherever possible.

  • Benefits for researchers of engaging with policymakers
  • UK policy audiences (government, parliament, external influencers)
  • Practical steps to identify audiences and opportunities to share your research

For studnents wishing to gain further experience in this field, ICB CDT students are eilbgible to apply for a UK Research and Innovation Policy Internship with the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST), which can be taken as part of our EVOLVE programme.

Date last reviewed: 12 March 2024

Date last updated: 12 March 2024