FungialertThe ICB has pioneered entrepreneurship education in partnership with the Imperial College Business School and Imperial Innovations. These programmes develop the entrepreneurial skills of our students and gives them the opportunity to develop the commercial potential of ideas they have developed independently of their supervisors.

It covers a range of key topics relating to entrepreneurship and early stage commercialisation ranging from intellectual property through to business opportunity analysis.

As part of this process the students benefit from direct engagement with the college technology office, with a view to putting them in touch with companies interested in co-developing their technologies. This includes arranging CDAs and NDAs for the students, providing IP support and business guidance thereby offering a wealth of opportunities in terms of career path.

This is further enhanced by technology showcase events where students inform 150+ end-users from industry and academia of the technologies within the ICB in addition to those they have developed through the entrepreneurship programme via series of live demonstrations and presentations, offering them excellent networking opportunities.


Examples of ICB Student Entrepreneurship


anywhereHPLC is a novel analytical platform being developed by researchers at Imperial College in London that allows precise and reproducible measurement of complex samples in the field or the home.

anywhereHPLC took away first place at Climate-KIC UK's Big Idea Bootcamp, winning €20 000 and entry into Stage 1 of the UK Accelerator programme.

Chemistry Research Associates Drs Duncan Casey & Ali Salehi-Reyhani from the Institute of Chemical Biology presented AnywhereHPLC’s handheld, disposable device which connects to a smart phone, allowing researchers to analyse mixtures, such as groundwater or blood, anywhere for instant results, removing the need to transport samples back to laboratories and helping prevent the environmental effects of over-fertilisation amongst other related benefits.

Find out more at their website anywhereHPLC

Fresh Check

Fresh CheckFresh Check is revolutionising the way we understand safety, by providing the first affordable method to test surfaces for bacterial, chemical and other contamination with a simple colour change - if it doesn't stay purple, you need to clean again.

Find out more at their website FreshCheckUK



FungiAlert is passionate about increasing agricultural productivity and sustainability using disruptive, early detection sensors, and novel soil-health analysis. Our unique soil-health analysis provides a realistic picture of disease risks within a field. FungiAlert’s game-changing technology makes soil-health analysis affordable and accessible to all growers, and guides strategic agronomy decisions throughout the growing season. Our vision is to revolutionise disease management practices within agriculture to help reduce crop loss and increase productivity, and to lower the chance of resistance to pesticides.

Find out more at their website FungiAlert