A list of projects from this CDT is available below.

Scott Lovell
Project: The KLK Activome: identifying new drug targets within a complex protein-protein interaction network

Euan Pyle
Project: An integrated structural biology approach for elucidating transient protein interactions

Michael Potter
Project: Liposome-based diagnostic and prognostic bio-sensing assay for quantifying the role of sphingomyelinase dysregulation in cardiovascular diseases and depression

Jasmine Bickel
Project: Novel adjuvants for antibody-based cancer therapeutics: design, biological characterization and influence on membrane-protein structure

Amina Jama
Project: Enhancing photosynthesis through molecular manipulation

Mark Wilkinson
Project: The mechanics of the eukaryotic actin protein-folding machinery from yeast to malaria

Richard Thistlethwaite
Project: Chemical probes to enable next-generation fungicides - preparing for the impact of climate change

Francesco Vianello
Project: A novel computational tool to reveal the all-scale structural organisation and design principles underpinning the activity of the enzyme responsible for the majority of global atmospheric CO2 fixation

Zainab Ahmed
Project: DELIVERY BY DESIGN: Increasing the efficiency of nucleic acids drug delivery in the cytosol using artificial/proto cells

Hugo Belda
Project: Functional analysis of kinases secreted into the host cell by the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Giulia Campolo
Project: Real-time in sensing of dopamine and L-DOPA using DNA aptamers for improved Parkinson's disease therapies

Yee San (Eve) Chan
Project: Experimental detection of allosteric sites in proteins

Mohit Devgan
Project: Interaction of personal care formulations with skin mimetics

Ben Edwards
Project: Nanoscale Biosensors for Real-Time Analysis of Amyloid Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disease

Andrea Goya Grocin.
Project: Understanding dysregulation of protein lipidation in cancer CRUK PhD Studentship

Miha Homsak
Project: PLP-dependent chemoproteomics for identification and characterisation

Ryan Howard
Project: Investigating the target profile of a family of novel anti-cancer agents

Maeve Kavanagh
Project: Primary charge transfer in the Photosystem II reaction centre

Cassandra Kennedy
Project: Post-translational regulation of inflammation: chemical tools to probe dynamic protein modification during caspase activation and pyroptosis

Ben Lewis
Project: Imaging G-quadruplex DNA in live cells using FLIM

Suhuur Osman
Project: Multiplexed Single Cell analysis of small molecule stimulation of Epicardium Derived Cells (EPDCs)

Lucy Rowlands
Project: Novel Aptamer-Based Vesicle Drug-Delivery Systems

Carmel Ruehl
Project: Development of responsive optical probes for non-canonical nucleic acid structures

Pashiini Supramaniam
Project: Microfluidic Chip based Artificial Cells – a platform to control and understand biochemical signalling pathways

Shukai Wang
Project: Investigation of the structure and function of Vpu with all atom molecular dynamics simulations

Florian Song
Project: Unravelling G-quadruplex DNA dynamics through Markov Graph processes: a combined theoretical and experimental approach

Emma Woodcock
Project: Vesicles to build chemical libraries (template driven synthesis)

Simeon Draganov
Project: A mass spectometry and chemical biology approach to dissecting the molecular basis of Tissue Factor regulation via post-translational modifications of RNA-binding proteins

Liuba Dvinkikh
Project: Video-rate volumetric light sheet microscopy for studying the interaction of induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes with mature cardiac tissue

Callum Hay
Project: Developing artificial cells for delivering drug molecules to micro-engineered heart tissue

Miguel Paez Perez
Project: Imaging flow induced micromechanical changes in vascular endothelial cell membranes

Astrid Paul Lydia Stroobants
Project: Preeictive modeling of ICAM-1 repression by Erg; Designing therapeutic Erg mimetics using computational modelling

Alexander Swan
Project: Biophysical and structural characterisation of the interaction between the Popeye domain containing 1 (POPDC1) protein and small molecule ligands - towards a treatment for atrial fibrillation

Robert Strutt
Project: The development of novel molecular technologies for screening and understanding membrane interactions of proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs)

Divya Malia
Project: Ineractions and structural effects in model membranes and triglycerides of molecules playing key roles in oxidation

Vanessa Ho
Project: Microfluidic Single Cell Analysis Technology incorporating single molecule detection for Non-Invasive Monitoring/Detection of Protein Changes in COPD Patients

Jenny Liu
Project: Development of novel methods that allow a mechanistic understanding of drivers of bio-membrane and barrier function disruption by concentrated detergents

Susannah Molisso
Project: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Small Molecule Interactions with Biological Materials

Christopher Louis Parperis
Project: Imaging the mechanism of nanopore sensing

Manfredi San Germano
Project: Development of novel 3D cell culture system microfluidics plaform for drug screening and tissue engineering

Chiara Heidi
Project: Optimization of cell-free protein synthesis factories using CHO cell extracts

Delia Brustur
Project: Rab27: a novel target in cancer

Frances Collins
Project: Elucidating the role of carbon dioxide in the photosynthetic enzyme Ribulose-1, 5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/ Oxygenase

Emma Couves
Project: Novel adjuvants for antibody-based cancer therapeutics: design, biological characterization and influence on membrane-protein structure.

Micol Damiani
Project: Osteopontin as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker in Biofluids for Cholangiocarcinoma

Helena Dodd
Project: Graphene oxide-templated biomolecular nanoclusters to control the Natural Killer cell anti-cancer response

Marco Esposito
Project: Organelle breeding for artificial cells

Ignacio Gispert Contamina
Project: Cells and organelles as embedded biomodules in artificial cells

Livia Kalossaka
Project: Functionally optimized biofilms for building façades

Borut Lampret
Project: Development of next-generation Bio-Printing

Qien Li
Project: Engineering novel cell mimetic membrane architectures

Denise Liano
Project: Understanding the role of G4 secondary structures in premature ageing disorders by biochemical, structural and genomic characterisation of the human CSB protein.

Joshua David Linfoot
Project: A Chemical Proteomic Workflow for Rapid Identification of Proteins Responsible for Metabolic Insecticide Resistance

Mike Lloyd
Project: Single Molecule Strategies for Studying Neurodegenerative Disease

Ana Losada de la Lastra
Project: A universal chemical proteomic platform to uncover the impact of dynamic protein S‐acylation in cancer

Thomas Pataillot-Meakin
Project: Improving prostate cancer prognosis via automated sampling and genomic analysis of circulating tumour DNA

Daisy Rogers-Simmonds
Project: Controlling nanopore loading in Droplet Interface Bilayers

Felix Thorsten Sheffield
Project: Novel techniques for high throughput membrane permeability assays in the agrochemical industry

Denise Thiel
Project: Tracking the metabolic footprints of cancer using context---dependent network analysis

Shaobin Zhang
Project: Exploiting asymmetry to generate new classes of biomaterials and artificial cells

Greta Zubaite
Project: Engineering biointerfaces between synthetic and biological cells

Frances Collins
Project: Elucidating the role of carbon dioxide in the photosynthetic enzyme Ribulose-1, 5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/ Oxygenase: Towards enhancing photosynthesis

Alfred Gatehouse
Project: Cell free DNA size analysis using engineered hydrogel nanopore (EHN) sensors: a non-invasive diagnostic tool for cancer

Emmanuel Kanelos
Project: 3D Printing of Complex Neural Structures in synthetic biology derived scaffolds

Kerry O'Donnelly
Project: A novel CO2 detection and capturing tool for the study of the Functional interactome of carbonic anhydrase

Yuval Elani
Project: Microfluidic Platforms for Manufacturing Artificial Bilayer Networks and Screening Drug-Membrane Interactions

Angela de Manzanos.
Project: Development of a novel, generic chaperon assay to probe protein-protein AAA+ interactions: Theory and experiment in unison

Alastair Magness
Project: Diagnosing Cancer one Cell at a Time with Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Hugh Sowley
Project: Detection of binding and geometry determination of drug-protein interactions in a kinase binding site from EVV 2DIR Data

James Squires
Project: Single-cell chemical proteomics: understanding protein modification in health and disease