Image of an ice cap melting and crashing into the sea

In the face of climate change, we are Undaunted.

Undaunted is a home for creative, proactive people exploring how innovation can help humans to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. We are committed to sustainably and equitably:

  • Tackling climate change
  • Implementing clean technology
  • Transforming the global economy

Why climate innovation?

The science of climate change is beyond dispute and its effects are unjust. We know what needs to be done. But nowhere in the world is meeting climate targets quickly enough. We need practical innovations that can make a real difference urgently, and at a scale never achieved before.

Ideas usefully applied

For us, innovation is the process of turning ideas into impact to address the biggest and most pressing challenges. To have a zero-carbon future, we need to rethink human activity, and innovation is fundamental to achieve this: technical innovation, policy innovation, social innovation. It will all be important in addressing the causes and effects of climate change.

We're a partnership

Undaunted is a partnership between Imperial's Grantham Institute and The Royal Institution.

The Grantham Institute envisions a sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon future through world-class research and training, and benefits from Imperial's expert knowledge across technology development and its application to climate change and environmental challenges. Imperial also has a track record of success in supporting climate change entrepreneurs, and its Enterprise teams support staff so their research can be translated into applications that solve real-world challenges.

Since 1799, the Royal Institution’s (Ri) many eminent scientists, whose discoveries helped to shape the modern world, recognised the importance of sharing their work with the wider public. Today, the Ri’s vision is for a world where everyone is inspired to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives. Undaunted's offices are based within the Ri’s historic home in Mayfair – an identifiable London landmark close to investors, influence and knowledge. It also contributes public engagement expertise and international reach.

Thank you to our partners and funders

Undaunted is a partnership between The Royal Institution and Imperial's Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment.

Undaunted is co-funded by the 2014 to 2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme, the Greater London Authority and HSBC UK.


Explore our other activities

A photo from December's Demo Day in 2022 when Cohort 3 of The Greenhouse graduated

Building an innovation community

Global cities like London have the means to help shape a low-carbon and climate-resilient future. We're building a global community, based in central London, of people with diverse knowledge and skills. From early-stage startups, angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity groups to academics, industry experts, policy makers and journalists: the climate is everyone's business.

Podcast: Accelerating to a Better Future

Tune into our podcast to hear from academics and entrepreneurs who are setting up businesses that tackle some of the great climate and environmental challenges facing the world.

Listen to stories from successful entrepreneurs who have transformed bright ideas into useable products, creating prosperity and helping tackle climate change.

A Snapshot into UK Climate-tech Innovation (front cover of the December 2022 report)

Innovation in policy

Undaunted is part of the Climate-tech Policy Coalition, which is on a mission to help unlock a future of green growth.

From June to October 2022, the Coalition undertook an intensive series of roundtables with entrepreneurs and startups covering nine critical sectors, with the aim of equipping policymakers and regulators with tangible steps towards a low-carbon and lucrative economy. A Snapshot into UK Climate-tech Innovation (PDF) report was published in December 2022.