Postgraduate Opportunities within the HEP Group

PhD students are recruited into the CCAP programme through the High Energy Physics Group in the Physics Department of Imperial College London. The HEP Group's Postgraduate Opportunities page (here) describes the application procedure.

In addition to the graduate-student programme described on the HEP Group's page, the CCAP's collaborative programme allows it to offer programmes that may include a long-term attachment at CERN in Geneva or at GSI in Darmstadt. Details of these programmes may be found here.

Postgraduate Opportunities within Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

There are a number of Medical Physics training posts based at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust through the Scientist Training Programme (STP).  The recruitment process is managed nationally by the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) and the application process is now live on the NSHCS website

The detail in the advertisement is here

The curricula for the different programmes can be found here

Contact Claire Hardiman <claire.hardiman at> if you have any questions about the programme.