Stamp forming of composites

Study on the stamp forming technology for continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite



COMAC supervisor and contact details:

Qinghua Song

Imperial supervisors and contact details:

Dr Nan Li 
Professor John Dear

PhD Student:

Mr Richard Brooks

Project Overview

The project will aim to further develop the innovative composite forming technology for the application in producing aircraft structures, through closely collaborating with COMAC. To realise the aim, Imperial will first discuss with COMAC to determine a composite material (e.g. Carbon fibre reinforced PEEK) and a demonstrator component (e.g. L shape stringer/bracket); then, based on this, the objectives listed below will be achieved by completing the project:

  1. To understand the material behaviour under the new stamp forming conditions through materials testing and characterisation.
  2. To develop modelling system through composite materials modelling and forming process simulation.
  3. To conduct laboratory forming trials to understand the forming mechanism, determine forming windows, and produce demonstrator components.