Inside Imperial is a monthly e-newsletter sent to all undergraduate students at Imperial. In this newsletter, we share share some of the exciting things that are happening across the College and keep in touch with students about the latest news and developments, future events happening in and around our campuses and share the achievements and successes of students.  

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If you would like to contribute content or have any ideas for future issues of Inside Imperial, please email or contact Martha Salhotra, Internal Communications Officer.

Please note our dates for future issues may be subject to change.

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Autumn Term

  • Wednesday 7 October (first year UGs only) 
  • Wednesday 14 October (all UGs) 
  • Wednesday 11 November 
  • Wednesday 9 December

Spring Term

  • Wednesday 20 January 
  • Wednesday 17 February 
  • Wednesday 17 March 

Summer Term

  • Wednesday 21 April 
  • Wednesday 19 May 
  • Wednesday 16 June 
  • Wednesday 14 July