[17/08/18] Our study on a general framework for nonclassical nucleation has been published in New Journal of Physics.

 [29/03/18] Prof. Serafim Kalliadasis, Dr. Peter Yatsyshin and Dr. Miguel A. Duran-Olivencia organised a minisymposium on Fluctuating Complex Dynamical Systems at the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, University of St. Andrews.

[26/03/18] Prof. Serafim Kalliadasis gave an invited lecture at the University of Minnesota IMA Workshop Dynamic Contact lines: Progress and Opportunities. The title of his talk was “Challenges of modelling the moving contact line problem and recent progress: bridging scales from the nano- to the macroscale.”

[08/02/18]  Our friend and collaborator, Dr Remco Hartkamp (TU Delft) visited our group for a week, and gave us a seminar entitled "Molecular Modelling of Electric Double Layers at the Silica Surface".

Remco Hartkamp giving us a seminar on Molecular Modelling

[08/02/18]  Our recent work on the fluctuating dynamics of soft matter has featured in an Imperial College London news article entitled "Origins of fluctuations in soft matter described for the first time"