Douglas Addy

MEng Chemical with Nuclear Engineering, Imperial College London, UK


Following PhD Douglas joined Granta Design, Cambridge, as Applications Engineer. Now R&D Engineer, Ansys, Cambridge. The information below was of relevance whilst a PhD student in the Complex Multiscale Systems group

I obtianed my PhD in the Complex Multiscale Systems group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, headed by Prof. Serafim Kalliadasis. Previously I studied Chemical Engineering with Nuclear Engineering (MEng) at Imperial College, where I was supervised in my research project by Professor Kalliadasis. My PhD project is to stud the effect of multiple length scales on SDEs with a view to understanding how the system dynamics are affected at the macroscale. My main motivation is bridging between mathematical modelling of fundamental systems and practical applications in engineering and the sciences. 


My main focus is investigating how the structure of a problem at a microscopic scale can affect the macroscopic behaviour, a simple example of this is how tiny imperfections on the surface of a material affect properties like its friction and appearance. Frequently we have a model for the microscopic behaviour and can simulate it, so I am studying ways of modelling the macroscale behaviour from our microscale model.

I am also interested in applying this work to current models in fluid mechanics, and I am working with FEniCS to simulate a Diffuse Interface Model of flows. The eventual goal is to understand how more complex fluids can be modelled simply in narrow channels.