Sebastian Krumscheid

PhD Mathematics, Imperial College London (advisors: Greg Pavliotis and Serafim Kalliadasis). MS Technomathematics, FH Aachen, Germany. 


Following his PhD Sebastian joined as a Research Assistant the Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering, Department of Mathematics, EPFL (École Polytechnique Féderale de Lausane), Lausanne, Switzerland. Now Junior Professor (equiv. to Assistant professor) of Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification at RWTH Aachen University, Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences, with his Aachen University web page available here. The information below was of relevance whilst a PhD student in the Complex Multiscale Systems group.

I joined the Complex Multiscale Systems group led by Professor Serafim Kalliadasis as a PhD student in 2010. I was located in the Department of  Mathematics and jointly supervised by Professor Serafim Kalliadasis and Dr Grigorios A. Pavliotis. Prior to joining Imperial College London, I obtained an M.Sc. in Technomathematics from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany.


I am generally interested in the fields of applied mathematics, computational mathematics, and mathematical modelling mainly linked with the study of problems in the natural sciences. My PhD research focuses on the development of  numerical and statistical techniques for the study of stochastic multiscale systems where we combine techniques from both applied stochastic processes and numerical analysis.