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AB - Since Self-Organised Criticality (SOC) was introduced in 1987, both the nature of the self-organisation and the criticality have remained controversial. Besides, SOC-like dynamics has recently been observed in many natural processes like brain activity and rain precipitations, making a better understanding of such systems more urgent. Here we focus on the Drossel-Schwabl forest-fire model (FFM) of SOC and show that despite the model is not critical, it nevertheless exhibits a behaviour that justifies the introduction of a new kind of weak criticality. We present a method that allows to quantify the degree of criticality of a system and to introduce a new class of critical systems. This method can be easily adapted to experimental settings and contribute to a better understanding of real systems.
AU - Palmieri,L
AU - Jensen,HJ
DO - 123/20002
PY - 2018///
SN - 0295-5075
TI - The emergence of weak criticality in SOC systems
T2 - EPL
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