All welcome! 

We run a series of formal seminars by external speakers open to all. Unless otherwise stated, these are usually held at 12 noon on every second Tuesday during term time. However, times and locations do sometimes vary so please check the details on this website. Note that currently these are currently online so ask an organiser or follow the Complexity Science seminar online link.  The College events system below shows only events coming up in the immediate future but the archive link below has all future Complexity Science seminars (as well as past events) and this page or individual pages on each seminar will have the latest information. There is also a Complexity Seminar flyer but this is only updated from time to time.

We also hold a series of less formal seminars and discussions, usually led by PhD students or other members of the group. Sometimes visitors contribute by giving a seminar in this slot. These informal seminars are held at Thursdays 2pm. Sign up to the mailing list for information on these.  

The current restrictions due to the pandemic means that we expect the Tuesday seminars will be online for Spring 2021. Likewise, we are waiting to confirm the availability and capacity of various meeting rooms on campus so there is a strong possibility that the Thursday meetings will also be online. We will try to find a way that small groups can view these talks together. Regardless, it is likely that we can meet informally for lunch around these talks. 

We also have some flyers listing current and past Complexity seminars.

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