Brain MRI scan acquisition

Wenjia Bai's Github - cardiac MR analysis toolbox 

This repository ( contains software code for analysing UK Biobank cardiac MR images using machine learning.

Lab wiki (internal only) 

Our wiki has lots of technical information about data/software in common use in the lab.

  1. Ensure you have your own account on GitHub and have clicked on the email they send you to validate the account.
  2. Link your GitHub account to Imperial GitHub Enterprise and click on the teams tab, then search for team ‘c3nl’ then press members, then ‘request to join’. We will review your request and add you to the team!
  3. Enjoy the live C3NL wiki and GitHub repository

Lab GitHub repository (internal only)

We have a range of neuroimaging analysis pipelines available via our GitHub repository. See the above instructions on how to join our Github team to get access and start using them.