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  • Duration: 7.5 hours, spread over 5 days
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Presented by Dr Susan Mulcahy, Director of Data Spark Programme, Imperial College London

Companies need to know the impact that new technologies such as artificial Intelligence might have on their business. They can improve their AI ethics by utilising intelligence, ingenuity and inclusivity to avoid unconscious bias.

This masterclass will allow participants to explore ethical considerations surrounding businesses and AI. Participants will be presented with business scenarios where they will discuss the ethical versus legal issues in each one and try to understand at what point a company crosses a line, if at all. They will learn about the topics of unconscious bias and how it can impact them as an ethical leader.

We explore whether there can ever really be such a thing as an ethical company when the drivers for profits may in fact be at odds with one another.

Lastly, participants learn about AI ethics and machine bias, and look at moral dilemmas that are programmed into AI algorithms, as well as how AI algorithm outcomes can go wrong when they are trained on misrepresentative data.

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Course content

Topics covered include:

  • Ethics and companies (ethical versus legal)
  • Ethics and leaders (profits versus ethics)
  • Ethics and AI (machine bias and dilemmas)

Benefits of attending?

On completion of this masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of ethics versus law, unconscious bias, machine bias
  • Develop an understanding of ethical and legal considerations for companies
  • Have an awareness of their own biases and understand how this may affect them as leaders of ethical businesses
  • See how a machine learning algorithm can produce incorrect results when trained on misrepresentative data 
  • Practice and improve their English language skills while discussing ethical topics
  • Work as a team in small groups
  • Develop valuable professional skills in communication and presentation.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is designed for undergraduate or postgraduate students studying any discipline with an interest in business management. It is also designed for executive leaders/professionals interested in exploring ethical considerations surrounding businesses and AI.