Coping with Isolation

Katie,  one of our mental health advisors, chats to us about the difficulties faced from isolation and having to quarantine, and shares practical tips on how to manage this.

Feeling lonely or isolated is something many people feel at different times in their life. Perhaps you are struggling with being away from family or friends, you have struggled to meet other students as a result of the pandemic, or you are adjusting following a break-up. Many people feel lonely when they are experiencing distress and not sharing this with their loved ones; a feeling of being ‘cut off’ from others. Social Media can also induce feelings of isolation if we start comparing our lives to others.

Whatever the reason, the Christmas period can be particularly tough if you are feeling this way. Please be kind to yourself, and know that ‘loneliness is a feeling, not a fact’. You are never truly alone and you can reach out for support. 

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