The Data-Driven Engineering Research Centre carries out both fundamental research and applied research. We use theoretical methods, high-performance computing, and experiments to synergise traditional modelling and control methods with artificial intelligence. 

The members of the Research Centre have extensive experience in technical consulting for private companies, from aeronautical industry, to gas-turbine and rocket industry, to banking. 

Should you be interested in contacting one of us to meet your technical needs, please feel free to send an email to:

The broad areas of expertise are:

  • Physics aware machine learning and data assimilation;
  • Optimization; 
  • Turbulent flows in complex geometries; 
  • Turbulent reacting flows for propulsion and energy conversion; 
  • Drag reduction through control; 
  • Predictive maintenance and structural health monitoring; 
  • Fluid-strucure interaction modelling and control; 
  • Aeroacoustics; acoustics and thermoacoustics;
  • Methodologies, such as identify industrial problems that can benefit and be accelerated by artificial intelligence and machine learning.