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Members of the Network teach on the following postgraduate courses, which contain Diabetes-related modules:

Clinical Research - Human Nutrition (MRes)

  • The course will provide greater insight into the academic; clinical and practical; and regulatory requirements of human nutrition research and will introduce the latest in cutting-edge research.

Clinical Research - Diabetes and Obesity (MRes)

  • The programme provides a structured approach to developing knowledge and skills which will enable students to develop their own research portfolio or assist in the management of an existing portfolio.

Epidemiology (MSc)

  • This programme offers a thorough grounding in epidemiological research and the application of statistical and mathematical methods to epidemiological investigation and practice. Students will be given the opportunity to apply research techniques to a variety of challenging epidemiological and biomedical problems.

Functional Omics (MSc)

  • Receive training in practical laboratory techniques, developing your experience of using cell biology toolkits to assess potential mechanisms through which these therapeutic targets may lead to disease (and possible strategies to circumvent the disease-causing mechanism) in vitro.

Human Molecular Genetics (MSc)

  • Get a broad grounding in human genetics, with the emphasis on the molecular aspects of human genetics, particularly in relation to human disease.

Master of Public Health (MPH)

  • This course merges the study of epidemiology, biostatistics and health research methods with public health skills for those interested in developing their research skills and public health career.

Medical Biosciences (BSc)

  • This interdisciplinary undergraduate course allows you to explore the science underpinning human health and its related fields.

Molecular Medicine (MSc)

  • This course is designed to appeal to both clinical and basic scientists and provides a comprehensive, theoretical and practical training using state-of-the-art techniques in molecular and cellular biology as applied to medicine.